Embrace the Artistry of Our Women-Owned Vendors

Embrace the Artistry of Our Women-Owned Vendors

At Savage + Rose, we celebrate fashion and the spirit of creativity and individuality. That's why we're excited to introduce you to a few of our cherished women-owned vendors who infuse their passion into their creations, adding a unique touch to our boutique.

We're not just a boutique; we're a platform for stories, passions, and unique voices that resonate with our modern, diverse world.

Gypset Honey: Capturing the Essence of Adventure

Gypset Honey, led by visionary Deidre Anne Froelich, weaves the spirit of a gypsy soul and a love for adventure into their eclectic jewelry, fashion, and home accessory designs. Inspired by Deidre's grandmother, Honey, whose worldwide travels sparked a deep appreciation for diversity and family, Gypset Honey's creations beautifully capture the essence of Honey's adventurous spirit.

Chloe Nache: Hand-painted Fashion 

Chloe Nache, local Nashville female artist custom paints fashion items Discover the artistry of Chloe Nache, an extraordinary Nashville creative renowned for her hand-painted custom designs on clothing and handbags. At shopsavageandrose.com, you can explore her unique and wearable art pieces, including custom hand-painted denim shorts and jackets, each bearing Chloe's distinctive touch.

Leah Boorse: Watch her paint our bus live at Pilgrmiage Fest 2023

Leah Boorse, a Nashville-based artist and advocate for women's empowerment, paints positivity with her vibrant creations. Her work symbolizes self-reliance and empowerment, capturing the essence of strength and resilience. We're privileged to have Leah's boundless energy and creativity gracing the Lady Rose Mobile bus.

Alexia: Candlemaker behind the signature Savage + Rose scent

 Alexia Tarrago owner of Black Moonco, uses high-quality ingredients and essential oils to expertly craft scents. Jenn approached her to design a signature fragrance for Savage + Rose and she made magic happen. Woodsy and floral notes with a touch of both femininity and masculinity. The demand for this captivating aroma eventually led to the making of a perfectly balanced unisex body + room spray. 

Jamielie Tarrago: From NYC>BNA Capturing Beauty  

Mirari Photography, located in the heart of Tennessee, offers a unique and intimate photography experience that transcends typical digital imagery. With a focus on creating distinctive pieces for your home and one-of-a-kind visuals for your brand, they are artisans of memory. Mirari highlights the muse, emphasizing a personalized and collaborative approach for individuals, creatives, and professionals in Franklin and Hendersonville. Jamielie has also been an intricate voice in the rebrand on S+R!

A Note from Jenny

"When I created Savage + Rose, I aimed to find high-quality, affordable clothes that would become women’s most loved wardrobe pieces and to curate a store filled with the best products made by incredible women. As I’ve found these gems, I’ve seen first-hand the brilliance and determination of women through their products. 
Savage + Rose is synonymous with empowerment, creativity, and individuality. So much goes into making an idea into reality. It can be even more challenging as a woman. We celebrate the strength and beauty of women through these incredible products,
and we know that you will love them, too."

Now, it's your turn to be a part of this vibrant tapestry. Follow these amazing women on social and unleash your adventurous spirit! Shop with us at shopsavageandrose.com. 


the Savage + Rose team 

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